All That Jazz

Isn’t that a great picture? It’s actually 1 in a series of 4 oil paintings we found hanging on a wall in a small cafe/bar in Liberty, Missouri (I’ll be sharing the other 3 shots in upcoming posts). This has been one of the BUSIEST weeks of the year, so I haven’t been very good… Continue reading All That Jazz

The Unseen Power of Words

Right now, I’m suffering one insidious cold: one I firmly believe I (inadvertently) brought on myself thanks to my big proclamation earlier in the week, “Looks like I’m going to skate through winter with nary a sniffle!” I should have known better. This seems to be the status quo for me: I mention something off… Continue reading The Unseen Power of Words

Life Speaks In Whispers

It seems the really important lessons in life, I’ve learned in whispers: quiet moments when realizations hit you more like a falling leaf rather than a ton of bricks. And if you’re still enough, tuned into the moment while relinquishing thoughts, preconceived notions or even control, you’ll hear these whispers just as they were intended: significant… Continue reading Life Speaks In Whispers

Challenge: 30 Days of Photo Fun (Day 3, Hands)

My favorite way to fall asleep? Listening to my daughter play her Martin acoustic guitar. It doesn’t happen every night, but I cannot imagine a more soothing sound on Earth.  Martin Acoustic submitted for “Hands,” day 3 of A Feathered Nest’s 30 Day Photo Fun.