Flights of Fancy

When is the last time you flew a kite? This past weekend, we attended MCC-Longview’s Flights of Fancy, the Kansas City area’s only kite festival featuring the spectacular, ginormous kites of the Kansas City Kite Club. Between the bright, sunny skies, a breezy but comfortable wind, and temperatures hovering in the upper 60’s, it was… Continue reading Flights of Fancy

Playing Favorites

Two of my favorite principles on the Sweet 16 are: #6 Enjoy nature by being in it, and #4 See beauty in all things. I discovered this moment of snowy peace by walking to the end of our street, where a field borders our subdivision. It is true, what they say about finding beauty in… Continue reading Playing Favorites

The Snowball Effect

Have you ever noticed when you or someone you know purchases a new car, you start seeing the same make and model everywhere? Beginning The Project has had a similar effect: The Principles have been there all along, but I’m suddenly and more keenly aware of them. Although I didn’t technically begin The Project until… Continue reading The Snowball Effect