Influences & Inspiration (Recipe: Orchard-Style Chicken Salad)

Haunted by a delectable lunch enjoyed at Ophelia’s last fall (more about that here), I’ve made it my mission to create impeccable variations of chicken salad—one inspired by each of the four seasons.Since June 21st marked the beginning of summer, when the earth is putting vast amounts of energy into growing fruits, vegetables, flowers, plants,… Continue reading Influences & Inspiration (Recipe: Orchard-Style Chicken Salad)

What Did They See?

     Gazing at the mighty Mississippi, it’s hard to pinpoint what might have caught their eye. I’d like to imagine it was Huck & Jim, floating on a log raft and heading downriver towards freedom and adventure. “What Did They See?” taken with a Nikon D70 along the Mississippi River; references to Mark Twain’s The… Continue reading What Did They See?