Topic Tuesdays

Are you familiar with Table Topics® or the If series of books? Designed to get conversations started (as well as get to know family & friends a bit better), I’ve decided to introduce Topic Tuesdays to A Bloggable Life. Each Tuesday I’ll feature a random question: some coming from our TableTopics® cards, some taken from our If books, and some I’ve chosen randomly. In each blog post, I’ll answer the question myself,… Continue reading Topic Tuesdays

Notes From 5:25 AM

Hello 5:25 AM. We meet again. You might not seem so bad if our 4-year-old hadn’t been waking up at ungodly hours this week (1 AM, 3 AM, 3:57 AM), only to shuffle into our bedroom and say things like, “I’m glad I have blonde hair.” Other favorite lines I’ve heard this week, “What day is Christmas?” and “What shoes am I… Continue reading Notes From 5:25 AM

Everything In Its Place

You’ve heard that saying, “A place for everything, and everything in its place,” right? Well, developing a blog can be a lot like that. Since creating A Bloggable Life, there have been many changes, additions and deletions made. I’ve tested various blogging formats, designs and page ideas…and the transformations keep coming as I continue to define this site. I liken it to rearranging your furniture… Continue reading Everything In Its Place

A View From Motherhood: The Bittersweetness of Back To School

I don’t know if bittersweetness is technically a word, and I don’t particularly care. It’s what I feel each time August rolls around and it’s time to send the kids back to school. It’s what I’m feeling now. On one hand, I want my kids to grow up and be happy, productive members of society—to live the life of their dreams, talents and determination.… Continue reading A View From Motherhood: The Bittersweetness of Back To School

Inspiration Adrift

Inspiration…fleeting, alluring, tantalizing. It sings of promise, hope, and of dreams yet to materialize. Where do you find yours? photo taken with the Hipstamatic iPhone app Recently, while gazing at these clouds, inspiration struck. I plumbed the idea while these billowy clouds danced, swirled and drifted above my head—an idea so simple, yet so wonderful… Continue reading Inspiration Adrift