Easy Weeknight Cooking

Looking for a hearty, homecooked meal that you can put on the dinner table in 60 minutes or less? Something capable of pleasing children, teens & adults alike? Look no further… Smothered Hamburger Steak with Mushroom & Onion Gravy Take me to this recipe! Show me the recipe index!

Friday Night Lights and Mom’s Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

Weekends. What’s not to love?! Now that I’m the mom of an official high schooler, Friday night lights have become part of our reality. There are football games…       Fireworks…   Marching bands…   And of course, lots of popcorn eating & friends…   And when you’re wanting to feed your family something warm & nourishing after a weekend of fall… Continue reading Friday Night Lights and Mom’s Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

I Did It! Or, 5 Unexpected Life Lessons From Sewing An Apron

I made a promise to myself. A week later, I broke that promise.  It’s been 32 weeks now…32 weeks…but February’s promise has finally been fulfilled. With a little help from my daughter, I sewed a flirty, fun, feminine apron and was reminded of a few, valuable life lessons along the way.   Lesson 1: Never put off till tomorrow what you can… Continue reading I Did It! Or, 5 Unexpected Life Lessons From Sewing An Apron

Topic Tuesdays 2

Are you familiar with Table Topics® or the If series of books? Designed to get conversations started (as well as get to know family & friends a bit better), I’ve decided to introduce Topic Tuesdays to A Bloggable Life. Each Tuesday I feature a random question: some coming from our TableTopics® cards, some taken from our If books, and some I’ve chosen randomly. In each blog post, I’ll answer the question… Continue reading Topic Tuesdays 2

Shiny Things

Sometimes it’s those shiny things glimmering off in the distance that catch your eye and provide a moment of much-needed distraction. I (for one) am grateful those shiny things exist, because sometimes, it’s good to take life less seriously.   Next time you’re in need of a break, I submit these shiny things for your web-browsing perusal. Enjoy! Some call it college humor, I… Continue reading Shiny Things

Eat With Your Eyes

Today I’m featuring two, tempting treats from the pages of The Best of Inn Cuisine.  First, move over banana bread! Make way for this scrumptious Banana Pecan Oat Bread from Big Mill B&B… If that doesn’t whet your whistle, then try this fun spin on breakfast from the Addison on Amelia Island…  Show me the Banana Pecan Oat… Continue reading Eat With Your Eyes