Thrifting Thursdays: Recycling and Repurposing Vintage Items

One thing that consistently brings me joy is thrifting. Does that sound silly? I hope not. And although I love saving money, I don’t go thrifting because I have to: I go thrifting because I want to. I admit I love the thrill of the hunt (it can become addicting, let me tell you), but what I appreciate more is the act of… Continue reading Thrifting Thursdays: Recycling and Repurposing Vintage Items

Photography Friday

Just when I feel I’m at a good place with my photography (understanding my DSLR, shooting in manual mode; understanding photoshop, experimenting with layers and masks; being more creative with composition), I stumble across a resource that, while trying to help poor souls like me become better photographers, has the opposite effect. Instead of feeling inspired by all the information… Continue reading Photography Friday

Recipe Wednesdays: Pick a Pie or Belgian Waffles!

Supernaturally divine, this pie is perfect for Halloween and definitely deserving of its two names (click here to find out why). Luscious Caramel Banana {Banoffee} Pie And for those of you who can’t get enough of fall flavors, I’m featuring these perfect Pumpkin Belgian Waffles on the pages of Inn Cuisine! From the kitchen of North Carolina’s Inn on… Continue reading Recipe Wednesdays: Pick a Pie or Belgian Waffles!

Mentorship Mondays: Crafting Your Blog’s About Page

When skimming the internet for how-to’s on blogging, a plethora of information can be found, except when it comes to crafting your blog’s about page. The second topic to arise during my most recent Adopt-a-Blogger mentorship, crafting an effective about page is a daunting task to many bloggers, including myself. That’s why, this week, I have decided to dedicate… Continue reading Mentorship Mondays: Crafting Your Blog’s About Page


Do you remember what catharsis means? If you haven’t studied literature or creative writing for awhile, you may have forgotten. But I’m here to remind you, because experiencing catharsis just feels good. Simply put, catharsis refers to an emotional cleansing, particularly when talking about tragic works of literature or dramatic performance. Catharsis, as a literary tool, is designed to make the reader or audience experience an… Continue reading Catharsis

Mentorship Mondays: Blog Branding

Three years ago, I was adopted. As part of the Adopt-a-Blogger program started by my friend, Kristen of Dine and Dish, I became the second blogger adopted by Lydia Walshin of The Perfect Pantry. It was a match made in heaven. Flash forward to October. While the support and guidance gained from a mentorship is invaluable to a new blogger, the experience of helping someone… Continue reading Mentorship Mondays: Blog Branding