Honeyed Fruit Pot Pies

I love desserts, but dislike the one thing that usually goes along with consuming them: guilt. As timing would have it, it’s the beginning of a new year. Many people have made resolutions about eating healthier, dieting, and exercise…and most have firm intentions of keeping them. At least for a while. But since I’m not… Continue reading Honeyed Fruit Pot Pies

Prompt: What If…

What if there were irrefutable proof that life continued after physical death? Would it change the way you are living today?

Snow Storms, Grocery Stores, and Jeans Shopping

I don’t normally get flustered by snow storms. After mumble-mumble years, you realize they come, you shovel, and they go. But yesterday, when local weather forecasters started tossing around dramatic terms like “crippling winter storm,” “historical snow event,” “intense weather,” and “dangerous snow storm with blizzard conditions,” coupled with prediction potentials ranging anywhere from 10″-13″… Continue reading Snow Storms, Grocery Stores, and Jeans Shopping