Disallowing Limitations: iPhoneography

It should be a commandment: Thou shalt not burden thyself with perceived limitations.

There are all sorts of limitations we put upon ourselves, whether they’re intentional or not. From statements such as, “I’ll never be able to have the body I really want…” to “If there only were more hours in a day…” to “If I were only talented enough…” or “If I only had more money.” But the truth is, there’s more than enough time, opportunity and resources to attempt or accomplish all the things we want to. Even if it may not seem like it…there are. It’s up to us to change our mindset, open ourselves up to outside help or new possibilities, and find the drive & desire to just go for it.

A simple limitation I’m guilty of is thinking I can’t take a good photo if I don’t have my real camera with me. To be honest, that’s ridiculous. A good photo is any photo you love, for whatever reason. To overcome this false sense of limitation, I’m joining the iPhoneography movement and making a commitment to share my iPhone photos more regularly, because being equipped with an iPhone is not a limitation: it’s a blessing, and at worst, a challenge.

Think about what’s blocking you right now. What perceived limitation, big or small, can you start to overcome?