Life Speaks In Whispers

It seems the really important lessons in life, I’ve learned in whispers: quiet moments when realizations hit you more like a falling leaf rather than a ton of bricks. And if you’re still enough, tuned into the moment while relinquishing thoughts, preconceived notions or even control, you’ll hear these whispers just as they were intended: significant but subtle wake up calls…hints or tips from the universe.

I’m currently in love with the photo above, shot recently at one of my favorite parks. I lucked into it really—sure I had my camera at the ready and its settings dialed in, but capturing that moment, when this gorgeous butterfly flew into my field of focus, was a case of succcess being what happens when preparation meets opportunity ~ Seneca.

Although not quite as eloquent or concise, my takeaway from that moment was this:

You can be patient, you can be prepared, you can have all the skills it takes to make a great photo or succeed in your given field, but recognize some elements of success may still be out of your control. It’s not enough to be prepared or skilled, you have to put yourself within striking distance of success—be in its general vicinity—pursue it, getting ever closer if need be. Once you’ve situated yourself correctly, be patient: wait for that shot, see your perfect opportunity and be ready to take advantage of it when it comes. Patience is a start, but it isn’t enough. Be strategic…think about your position…and put yourself in a place where it’s easier for success to find you. Eventually, it will.