Best Bet Breakfast: Orange-Walnut Brunch Cake

Whether it’s breakfast, brunch, tea time or dessert, nothing beats a good coffee cake—and the following recipe is one of the easiest, tastiest and quickest I’ve found. Made using a surprising ingredient—refrigerated biscuits—you won’t believe how scrumptious a semi-homemade coffee cake can taste. Read on… Take me to this recipe now: Orange-Walnut Brunch Cake Advertisements

New Features, New Pages And A Swiss Cherry Torte

First, because I love desserts, I decided this sweet-endings category deserved a page all its own (separate from my Recipes page), hence Desserts To Satisfy The Sweetest Tooth was born. Here you’ll find all desserts, all the time, with clickable links to printer-friendly recipes. Each dessert will also be featured in my ever-growing Recipe Index… Continue reading New Features, New Pages And A Swiss Cherry Torte

When Company Comes (Recipe: Orange Crème Brûlée)

Disclosure: The original title of this recipe was Crème Brûlée à l’Orange, which is nice—and fancy—but in truth, can appear a bit intimidating to some home cooks. I’m all for accuracy, but plain speak appeals to me more than foreign tongue and my goal is to make this surprisingly easy-to-prepare dessert approachable for cooks of all skill levels. Crème Brûlée, with its mystique stripped away,… Continue reading When Company Comes (Recipe: Orange Crème Brûlée)

The Most Obvious Answer

You would think after four decades on planet Earth, I would have learned this lesson long ago: When a problem arises, look to the most obvious answer first. Case in point: When our middle child took a school trip to New York City this past June, she took 1173 photos on her digital camera. When she came home, we… Continue reading The Most Obvious Answer

Black and White

Lover’s Leap, Hannibal, Missouri Most folks have heard of Samuel Clemens, perhaps better known as Mark Twain, but did you know Sam had an older brother with a penchant for printing yarns as well? Talented family, those Clemens!Orion Clemens, a Hannibal, Missouri newspaperman in the mid 1800’s (who later became the first and only Secretary… Continue reading Black and White