The Most Obvious Answer

You would think after four decades on planet Earth, I would have learned this lesson long ago: When a problem arises, look to the most obvious answer first. Case in point: When our middle child took a school trip to New York City this past June, she took 1173 photos on her digital camera. When she came home, we… Continue reading The Most Obvious Answer

Black and White

Lover’s Leap, Hannibal, Missouri Most folks have heard of Samuel Clemens, perhaps better known as Mark Twain, but did you know Sam had an older brother with a penchant for printing yarns as well? Talented family, those Clemens!Orion Clemens, a Hannibal, Missouri newspaperman in the mid 1800’s (who later became the first and only Secretary… Continue reading Black and White

Influences & Inspiration (Recipe: Orchard-Style Chicken Salad)

Haunted by a delectable lunch enjoyed at Ophelia’s last fall (more about that here), I’ve made it my mission to create impeccable variations of chicken salad—one inspired by each of the four seasons.Since June 21st marked the beginning of summer, when the earth is putting vast amounts of energy into growing fruits, vegetables, flowers, plants,… Continue reading Influences & Inspiration (Recipe: Orchard-Style Chicken Salad)